Classic & 2020 edition Intersectional Inclusive Pride Flags

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Intersectional Inclusive Pride flags are inspired by the Chicago City Flag. Embracing its Chicago heritage and now becoming a globally accepted truly inclusive pride flag (I am humbled to have shipped these all over the world). Intersectional, Inclusive, pride flags include stripes representing the Trans humanity (Pink, Blue), and, Black and Indigenous People Of Color (Black Brown) within our Chicago and World Queer community. Designed to be flown year round, constructed with triple stitching, printed to last in all weather. 3 sizes 36" x  60" (most popular size by far) with two metal grommets for flying at your home or business. Now also available for your Dorm room, bedroom, or window in a smaller 24" x 36" option as well as a giant size 48" x 72" option. With continued marginalization of the Non Binary and Genderqueer Folx within our community, I felt compelled to add a star dedicated to the pride colors of our Non Binary and Genderqueer humanity (Black Purple Yellow) I call this updated version the 2020 edition (in product selection description NB/GQ). Flying this intersectional and inclusive Pride flag gives you the opportunity to show support and solidarity with our entire community, especially the most marginalized and targeted among us. This flag helps create new opportunities for conversations with potential allies about who these colors represent, lifting each other up, and understanding and respecting all genders, all persuasions, all identities, not just tolerate, we celebrate our vibrant community of diverse humanity. We are all in this together. Stay curious, Be wonderful.