special 10 pack deal limited time and limited availability - one to one yoga, breath, and guided meditation package (10 one hour one to one sessions)

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My approach to one to ones, is more than just yoga, this is an opportunity to breathe, move, make time, place, and space for yourself. Each of my students journals in advance of our classes, this shared journal entry (shared between just you and I) will be as brief or robust as you choose, in preparation for each class I will read your journal and create a focused class of movement, breath and meditation specifically for your physical and emotional needs. I have a number of students who are plus sized, suffer from anxiety, depression, and insomnia, we will discuss all of your challenges and work through them in our sessions, I will give you easy to execute homework that you will look forward to and easily make a part of your everyday routine, you will see changes in your physical body and mental state with a new approach to mindfulness that will leave you happier and sleeping better for sure! Most of my students are remote, we can also do this live in Chicago, or we can meet through face time or Skype, we will find a regular time that works in your schedule for sure. looking forward to meeting you and making yoga a part of your everyday life.